Thursday, April 2, 2015



I. Within the next year and a half I need to start thinking about and create a teaching method that will help me teach my students using Project Based Learning. As a future teacher, I do not want to "handicap" my students or in other words, make them too dependent on the teacher for every single thing. I do not want to do their work for them, instead I want them to be thinkers and learn how to gather information from others and using their technology. I want to guide them and teach them how to become learners and critical thinkers. I want my students to be independent and self-sufficient because those skills will help them in the future.


II. What did I learn from each video?

1. While watching Dr. Strange's video about using iMovie and the Alabama Virtual Library in Kindergarten , I learned that we, as teachers, should not underestimate our students! Watching this video has me enthusiastic about seeing a KINDERGARTEN student use iMovie and AVL. That is amazing for a child to do all of these things at a age where they can barely read. I would love to see them in action using these tools! I believe that teachers like Elizabeth Davis and Michelle Bennett are doing a good thing by allowing students to play around with the things that students use in college because it can boost a child's self esteem. If they start to feel like their work in school is too hard, then they can always remember that they did the same projects in kindergarten that the students in EDM 310 were doing while in college, which helps them believe in themselves.

2. While watching the video "We All Become Learners" , I learned that we are all learners and teachers. In the classroom you have teachers teaching students, students teaching other students, and students teaching the teacher. When you have a classroom where everyone knows that they learn from each other and are working together then that helps students learn how to share, how to work with a team, and become less selfish. Also, it helps students become more independent. Instead of relying on the teacher for every single thing, students can rely on each other and help each other.


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