Tuesday, April 28, 2015


What Did I leave out?

If I had to create my own blog assignment, it would say the following:

Think about your major in education. Why did you choose your major out of all of the other education majors (for example, if you chose to be a secondary education major, explain why you chose this major instead of elementary, special ed, physical ed, music ed, etc.). Why is it special to you? What do you want to achieve after you receive your degree? Will you use other teaching methods than Project Based Learning?

My answer: 
My major is Elementary Education. I chose this major because I love education and children. I love to learn and I believe that education is the keys to the world and I love children and I think that they are adorable and fun to work with. I have a passion for mentoring and I believe that it is beneficial to start mentoring children when they are young and fresh. I know that teaching will allow me to become the mentor that I want to be. I believe it will be fun to teach elementary students and it will allow me to be a positive example among the youth that I will teach. It is like getting the best of both worlds in one career. I can educate while building them to become the "people of tomorrow".
After receiving my degree, I want to start teaching and perhaps, work for programs like the Boys and Girls Club.
Will I use other teaching methods other than Project Based Learning? Yes I will. I want to use Project Based Learning in my future classroom, but I also value using pencil and paper. My students will use technology in the classroom, but there will be days that they will complete projects on poster-boards and other arts and craft materials. I want my students to become computer literate, but I do not want them to lose their ability to write neatly and legibly. Pens, pencils, and paper still have value in my eyes.

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