Tuesday, April 28, 2015

C4T for April

1. C4T #3

My assigned teacher was Mr. Royan Lee of the Spicy Learning Blog . On March 23, 2013, Lee created a post titled "Film Yourself Teaching to Deconstruct Your Instruction". Overall, this post was about his experience being filmed while he was teaching. Lee stated how surprised he was at the response he received when he and his colleagues watched the video of him teaching. He noticed so much more about himself than he realized. He noticed his posture and hand gestures more than usual. He emphasizes being your own judge and critic.

My Comment: Hey Mr. Royan Lee,
My name is Tyeshay B. from the University of South Alabama and I currently take EDM 310 class. I enjoyed reading your post. I think that watching yourself teach every now and then is a good idea and a great way to critique your own lectures.
I have recorded myself teaching for a class project and I enjoyed watching it because I got a chance to see myself and learn about myself more. I noticed that I use my hands a lot when I am teaching! LOL

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