Thursday, April 2, 2015


What Can We Learn From Mrs. Cassidy?

I. I thought that the children in the video "First Graders in Ms. Cassidy's Class were adorable! I enjoyed seeing the different things they learned, seeing the tools that they used, and seeing what they created. I believe Mrs. Cassidy is creating future Jimmy Neutrons! (LOL)


II. Kathy Cassidy's Interviews

1. While watching the Interview with Kathy Cassidy Part I , I learned about protecting students while they are active on the internet. If I were to have my students create blogs on the internet, I like her technique of keeping their last name's private, but since criminals are extremely crafty I would have my students use nicknames instead. I think that having students to create blogs is a great technique for incorporating Art and English, and other subjects together. I would definitely consider the blog project for my future students!

2. In the Interview with Kathy Cassidy Part II , Dr. Strange asked what does she prefer a teacher to start with (blogging, twitter, videos). She stated that a teacher should start with what they are interested in. I agree, but I would start my students with blogging because I believe that they can accomplish a lot more than having a twitter. Blogs give students more room to be creative, to write, and network. I also would like to start them off with blogs because I believe it is safer and they could learn how to network with each other. After my students are comfortable with blogging and they know how to be safe with strangers, then I would introduce them to social sites and creating videos.

3. While watching the Interview with Kathy Cassidy Part III , I learned about the difference between cheating and collaborating. As a future teacher I would not be concerned about my students looking at other students' blogs because it is just like going to a wikipedia website (for example) and getting ideas and information. As long as my students are not verbatim with the information that they use then they are okay. I will grade them by how they present the information they used in their own words.


  1. I definitely agree with when you said we need to protect students on the internet. Most people of older generations weren't informed on internet safety and have fallen victim to crimes that range from false identity to some sort of fraud. I also agree with when you said, "I will grade them by how they present the information they used in their own words." If it seems like the student is just reading facts off a paper, that will reflect on their grade. I want the students to sound informed and as if they truly understand the subject matter.

  2. Although I know you are trying to make your blog more personal, I would not suggest using "text speech" (lol, jk, etc.). Please treat this blog as a professional blog since it it likely that your future employer will see this. Beyond that, this was a great post!