Thursday, April 2, 2015


What Can We Learn About Teaching and Learning From These Teachers? 

1. After watching the video "Back To the Future" by Brian Crosby, I learned that active learning is very beneficial to the education of children. Brian Crosby spoke about doing a hot air balloon project with his students. The hot air balloon had a camera on it, so that they could see what they look like from thousands of feet in the air. After they finished their project, they had to write about what they saw. In my opinion, activities such as the one Crosby spoke about encourages and teaches students how to be learners. It is a good thing when students are having fun, learning, and experimenting at the same time.

2. After watching the "Blended Learning Cycle" Video by Mr. Anderson, I learned that blended learning is taking the components of learning from the classroom, mobile (hands-on learning), and online learning and incorporating them. Blended learning really focuses on students asking questions and investigating. I think that it is a great idea to incorporate in the classroom. I like the part where Anderson have conferences with his students to check their understanding before they take a quiz. I believe that this help build teacher-student relationships in the classroom, which benefits the student because of constant communication with his/her teacher. Communication allows the student to understand the teacher and what he expects and it helps the teacher understand the student's strength and weaknesses.

3. While watching the video "Making Thinking Visible" , I saw how Mark Church had his students to complete a History project. I saw how he instructed the students to put their thoughts on paper (making thinking visible). I like this concept because it allows the students to see what they are thinking and allowing them to be creative. It also allows the students to see what others are thinking and it encourages learning from other people. I also liked how he had the students working in groups, where they exchanged ideas and learned how to work and communicate with each other.

4. Watching Sam Pane's video gave me enthusiasm about being a teacher. I like seeing how excited and creative the students were being while creating their superheros. I believe I enjoyed watching the students create them as much as he enjoyed teaching them this lesson. I like the lesson because I believe that creating a superhero gives the students a sense of identity. While they are making their hero, they are learning about themselves (their likes and dislikes). If a student learns about himself, will it be easier for him to choose a career? I believe so and a activity like the one in this video is beneficial to helping student learn about themselves and other people. I would definitely recommend this activity to other teachers.

5. While watching Dean Shareski's video on Project Based Learning, I learned that creating projects that relate more to the students interest are more beneficial. When students can relate to what their school work then enthusiasm and engagement is enhanced. Also, subject integration is a creative way to teach students about more than one subject at a time. This helps the teacher with time management. For example, a teacher could instruct her students to write a poem about World War II (which allows to the students to show what they have learned about History and English).

6. While watching Roosevelt Elementary's PBL Program , I learned that Project Based Learning is in depth learning, that is research based and involves teachers collaborating together in order to encourage students to work together and learn on their own. It allows the students to have a sense of ownership and being able to make their own decisions (which can help them practice decision-making skills). Also, it helps enhance their communication skills, public speaking skills, and other social skills. This is a very informative video and you should watch it!



  1. I enjoyed your post, I had the benefit of commenting on Brian Crosby's personal blog and his ideas were brilliant. Like you pointed out in a few videos it important to allow the students to have some type of interest on there topic. Just as cooperation is important on teaching the students to communicate and exchange ideas to better their projects. Overall very nicely done.