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C4K for April

1. C4K #8

This post is from Ethan M., a student in Mrs. Lombard’s English class in Oklahoma. Ethan wrote a book review about a book called Freak the Might by Rodman Philbrick. Based on his review, this book is a very short book and easy to read. It is a nonfiction book that tells a story about a kid name freak and his giant friend max. This book has many conflicts in it, which can keep a reader interested. Ethan believe that a book with conflict is a good quality book.

blogcomments"Hey Ethan! My name is Tyeshay B. from the University of South Alabama's EDM 310 Class. I enjoyed reading your book review and I agree that a book with conflict is a good book. It keeps the reader interested and wanting to know more. I can't put down a book that has conflict because I am glued to every page. I wish that you wrote a little more about the plot and conflicts, but other than that it seems to be a interesting book. Great post!"

2. C4K #9

On April 23, 2015, Ethan M of Mrs. Lombard's Class, posted a post titled "Mr. Brown's Precept". He posted a short post stating that it is better to be kind than to be right. He emphasizes that being only right can bring unnecessary results that are bad. He says to be kind even if it means that you are wrong.

My Comment:

Hi Ethan M!

You can call me Ty. I am a student from the University of South Alabama. I really enjoyed reading your post. Your post is very wise. I agree that being kind can benefit any situation. It can keep feelings from being hurt and keep from losing a friend. Kindness can solve a lot of problems! 

Thank you for sharing!

3. C4K #10

On April 9, 2015, Ethan M. posted a post titled "My Beary Own Business". You would think that this post is about bears, but it is not. Ethan used that title so that he could win your attention. I laughed when I saw this post. This post was about Ethan's idea about starting his own business called "Bunch O Stuff". He will sale the "day-to-day" things that people use and he will offer delivery service for those who need it. He believes that his business will make a lot of money... and so do I.

My Comment:

Ha! You are very funny Ethan!

I did not expect your post to be about a business. I like your idea and I believe that you will make some money. I also liked your catchy title. Keep up the good work. I look forward to reading more of your creative post.


Tyeshay B. (University of South Alabama)

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

BLOG POST 5- Part 2


Here is a link to my PLN on Symbaloo. It was fun making it and I will consider using it in the future. Click here to take a look!


What Did I leave out?

If I had to create my own blog assignment, it would say the following:

Think about your major in education. Why did you choose your major out of all of the other education majors (for example, if you chose to be a secondary education major, explain why you chose this major instead of elementary, special ed, physical ed, music ed, etc.). Why is it special to you? What do you want to achieve after you receive your degree? Will you use other teaching methods than Project Based Learning?

My answer: 
My major is Elementary Education. I chose this major because I love education and children. I love to learn and I believe that education is the keys to the world and I love children and I think that they are adorable and fun to work with. I have a passion for mentoring and I believe that it is beneficial to start mentoring children when they are young and fresh. I know that teaching will allow me to become the mentor that I want to be. I believe it will be fun to teach elementary students and it will allow me to be a positive example among the youth that I will teach. It is like getting the best of both worlds in one career. I can educate while building them to become the "people of tomorrow".
After receiving my degree, I want to start teaching and perhaps, work for programs like the Boys and Girls Club.
Will I use other teaching methods other than Project Based Learning? Yes I will. I want to use Project Based Learning in my future classroom, but I also value using pencil and paper. My students will use technology in the classroom, but there will be days that they will complete projects on poster-boards and other arts and craft materials. I want my students to become computer literate, but I do not want them to lose their ability to write neatly and legibly. Pens, pencils, and paper still have value in my eyes.

C4T for April

1. C4T #3

My assigned teacher was Mr. Royan Lee of the Spicy Learning Blog . On March 23, 2013, Lee created a post titled "Film Yourself Teaching to Deconstruct Your Instruction". Overall, this post was about his experience being filmed while he was teaching. Lee stated how surprised he was at the response he received when he and his colleagues watched the video of him teaching. He noticed so much more about himself than he realized. He noticed his posture and hand gestures more than usual. He emphasizes being your own judge and critic.

My Comment: Hey Mr. Royan Lee,
My name is Tyeshay B. from the University of South Alabama and I currently take EDM 310 class. I enjoyed reading your post. I think that watching yourself teach every now and then is a good idea and a great way to critique your own lectures.
I have recorded myself teaching for a class project and I enjoyed watching it because I got a chance to see myself and learn about myself more. I noticed that I use my hands a lot when I am teaching! LOL


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