Sunday, March 22, 2015

PROJECT 15 (Search Engine)

1. Wolfram Alpha
is a computational knowledge engine developed by wolfram research. It is an online service that answers factual questions directly by computing the answer rather than providing a list of documents or web pages that might contain the answer as other search engines.

2. Bing (formerly known as Live Search, Windows Live Search, and MSN Search) is a search engine created from Microsoft and it is available in 40 languages. This search engine can be used for any material or queries and it provides a list of websites and documents that contain the information one is inquiring about.

3. Dogpile is a search engine that contains its results from Google, Yahoo, and Yandex. It is available in English only. It began operation in November 1995. It provides anything from web, images, and videos that relate to your search. It is a search engine that operate similar to Bing.

4. Yandex is one of the largest internet companies in Europe that operates Russia’s most popular search engine and it’s most visited website. It is ranked as the 4th largest search engine worldwide. The website is a global search engine that operates similar to Bing and Google. It is very easy to use and it is very appealing (colors and design).

5. Gigablast is a search engine started in 2000 by Matt Wells. It is a small and independent search engine based in New Mexico. It is very simple and basic. It does not offer as much information as Google. It lacks images and videos, but it does provide website for inquired material.

6. Blekko is a virus free search engine lauched November 2010. It is different from Google and it was designed to be better. This search engine is used for New and the latest gossip!

7. DuckDuckGo is a search engine that emphasizes the privacy of users. Unlike some search engines, It does not track its user. It operates similar to google, offering search results in images, videos, recipes, and more. It emphasizes getting its results from the BEST sources instead of most sources available.

8. Faroo is a search engine similar to DuckDuckGo, but it does not offer as much for search results. It will give you websites and news. There are not any relatable images or videos.


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