Tuesday, March 24, 2015


My assigned teacher's name is J.F. Hadley. He is a middle school teacher that teaches history.

1. C4T #1
On September 13, 2014, Hadley posted about doing a activity inspired by his book Unleashing Student Superpowers. He asked his students to identitfy something that they think would be a challenge for them in school. Then he had them to image student superpowers that will help them deal with those challenges and write them down on three post-it notes and place them on a bulletin board. This activity taught him a lot about his students (who they were and what they wanted).

My Comment : "Hey Mr. Hadley! My name is Tyeshay (Ty-e-shay) Biggs from EDM 310. I enjoyed reading this post. I think that your activity was a great idea. I will make note of it because I will use it with my future students. I think that it is a great "ice breaker" activity. That way I will learn about my students and they can learn about each other. Thank you for sharing!"

2. C4T #2
On September 6, 2014, Hadley posted about doing a activity called the "Identity Project" . He instructed his students find a place in the classroom and sit quietly for four minutes (without pens, paper, notepads, or anything else that would distract their minds.). During their quiet time, the students were thinking of ideas for their projects. They were excited!

My Comment: "Hey Mr. Hadley! I like this activity that you posted about. It shows students why taking their time to think is important. It teaches them how to think (such as finding a quiet place to concentrate) and being patient. Good study habits can come from this activity (because studying requires thinking). This  activity can also show students the importance of focusing on themselves is important. Having quiet time to yourself is a great way of getting to know who are and what kinds of ideas you have. I love it!"

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