Sunday, February 15, 2015


I have learned that a PLN (Personal Learning Networks) is a network that is designed for organizing information and keeping record of the websites that you use. It is like your own personal assistant or organizer. I can definitely see myself using one as a teacher! I know as a teacher I will be busy, busy, busy and with the PLN I can keep up with websites and other material that I use as a reference (so I do not have to worry about forgetting things).
I used symbaloo as my PLN and I like it! It is a great source for organization and I added EDM 310 blogspot to my network so that I will not forget it. I’m excited about learning more later on about PLN!
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  2. Hi Tyeshay. Great job on putting links and pictures on this post. I agree with you that PLN will be very helpful one day when being a full time teacher. Teaching is a very busy career and PLN will help us to stay organized. Great post!

  3. Good, but brief post. Remember the email this week said all posts need to be substantial in length. Be sure to always check your links after you publish a post. Your symbaloo link does not work.