Sunday, February 1, 2015


How Can You Provide Meaningful Feedback to Your Peers?

The videos ( What is Peer Editing? and Writing Peer Review Top 10 Mistakes ) and slide show ( Peer Edit With Perfection Tutorial ) about peer editing offered information that will not only help us now, but will help us in the future (on jobs and in life). I agree that peer editing is a learning experience and that we need to learn how to use constructive criticism on our peers (since we will be future teachers one day). Peer editing will prepare us to learn how to deal with our future students and their parents. Peer editing will help us learn how to talk to others in a professional manner and teach us how to consider others when offering them constructive criticism. Having peer editing skills can help us keep a job, make new friends and keep the old ones! The videos and slide show was very interesting, informative, and beneficial.

Being positive, using compliments, and being specific are great ways to mention corrections to your classmates. Using those three techniques will keep you from offending others and help present your suggestion in a pleasant manner instead of rude and mean. I've learned that it is all about word choice. The words we use will make the difference between a rude comment and a positive comment. It is a great idea to practice what you are going to say, by speaking it out loud as if you are face-to-face with that person. This will help you hear what you sound like (as far a sounding rude or nice). By watching these videos, I have learned that the goal is to provide help to another person by helping them learn and not to tear down their character.



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  2. Tyeshay,
    Although you make very valid points in your post and write very well, it seems that you are missing a few things that are required. No worries, however. It is an easy fix! Just attach the working links to the sources you used and a picture with appropriate title modifiers. If you need help with that, please let me know!
    On a different note, I also talked about how positivity and compliments are very beneficial in writing a good peer review. I think it helps other students to stay positive and not feel like their work is being negatively criticized. I feel we share that opinion. Good work!
    Payton C

    1. Thank you Payton! I have updated my post with working links and a picture.