Sunday, February 8, 2015


What do we need to know about asking questions to be an effective teacher?

To be an effective teacher, we need to know that questions are asked in order for something to be understood or to bring clarity. Questions help an individual gain more knowledge which takes a person into depths of information that seemed impossible to learn. Is it true that no question is a dumb question? I would say yes because if there are not any questions then how would our minds grow? If there are not any questions then how can your doctor find a better way to treat your cancer? How would teachers facilitate their lesson plans? How would businesses create new ways to make money? How could this paragraph be written? It is an evitable fact that questions are more important than we think that they are.
In Ben Johnson’s article, “The Right Way to Ask Questions in the Classroom”, he stated that questions need to be specific. After reading this article, not only did I realize how important asking questions were, but I realized that asking the right questions were important also. Did you know that asking the right questions can help your students learn more and help you (as the instructor) judge their understanding? Asking the right questions mean to ask open-ended questions (questions that are not yes/no questions and ask for details). For example, you may ask a student to tell you the details of World War II, instead of asking if World War II started in 1914. If you ask for a detailed answer, you will see how much a student understands and if they have been studying like they were supposed to.
In conclusion of my research I have learned that in order to be an effective teacher, one must know the importance of questions and asking the RIGHT questions!
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  1. Good Post! I can't agree with you more about how there is no such thing as a wrong or dumb question. Anything that gets our minds thinking and working is something that is important. Also it is very important that if we want to become effective teachers, then we must learn how to ask the right questions!